Cave Surveyors' Storage

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1. How do you store your survey equipment when on the move?
2. How muddy/wet does your equipment get?
3. If you do protect equipment, what do you use?
4. Do you prefer to buy your gear from custom small vendors or large companies?
5. How do you most often buy your gear?
6. Do you wish there were more options for storing survey equipment?
7. Would storage for survey equipment on the chest/front of body be useful?
8. What are qualities in your storage that would be admirable?
Highly importantNeutralNot important
Minimal bulk
9. What type of closure is preferred in storage? (1=high preference, 4=low preference)
Large Zipper
Rolling/folding fabric
10. How many times do you change the products you use/upgrade?
11. Do you find it difficult to read equipment because of elements (light glare, mud, water, ice, etc.)?
12. If you drop anything during survey, what is the most common?
13. What are things you dislike about bags/ packs/ pouches, that are still used for surveying?
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