Spring Break Housing Request

1. Student Handbook Statement

AS STATED IN THE 2014-2015

Break Housing

• All College residences are closed during all official vacation periods.

• No students are permitted in the residence halls during vacation periods without authorization.

• While the College does not promise vacation housing to any student, it will attempt to assist students in extenuating circumstances.

• Students who do not submit a request to stay by the deadline will be subject to a $25 fine.

• Students found responsible for unauthorized entry/stay during vacation periods are subject to a $45 fee per incident/evening.

• Students who have obtained permission to stay in College owned housing for a vacation break period are not permitted to have guests.

• Requests for housing due to off campus employment will NOT be considered

• College reserves the right to charge a daily fee of $45 to students obtaining authorization to stay on campus for reasons other than those listed

1. Do you agree to the conditions stated above?
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