2013 Youth Flag Football Parent Survey

1. 2013 Flag Football Parent Survey

In order for us to better serve the participants in our youth Flag Footbal program, please answer the following questions.
1. How would you rate your child's overall experience in the flag football program this year?
2. How would you rate the facilities?
3. How would you rate the organization of the program?
4. How would you rate your child's coaches?
5. How would you rate other team's coaches?
6. How would you rate the behavior of all coaches during games?
7. How would you rate the officials?
8. How would you rate the behavior of spectators at the games?
9. Do you agree with the leagues player participation rules? (Currently each player must play one-half of each game)
10. Did your team's coaches communicate well with you?
11. Did Park Staff respond to your questions and concerns this year?
12. Did Park Staff quickly address behavioral problems during the games?
13. Do you feel your child learned sportsmanship this season?
14. Do you feel your team practiced enough this season?
15. What team did your child play on?
16. Did you find the Parks and Recreation website to be helpful and up to date during the season?
17. Please add any comments or suggestions you may have.
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