New Survey

Thank you for attending TREASURES. We're very interested in hearing about your experience. Please take a few moments to share your perceptions. Thank you for attending and sharing!
1. On a 1-10 scale (1-poor, 10-excellent), what is your satisfaction with the following:
Valet Parking
Bar Service
Understanding "The Cause"
Major Prize Giveaways
2. Why do you attend Treasures (rank in order of importance to you)?
Want to support a good, local cause
We attend with our friends as a a group
Chance to win many big prizes (trips, diamonds, car)
Auction always has something we want
Great food
A great reason to "dress up" for a night on the town
3. On a 1-5 (1-poor, 5-thorough) scale,
How do you rate your knowledge of the HRH Foundation and HRH Foundation funded projects?
4. At TREASURES, the sound was:
5. Please share your experiences with the following aspects of TREASURES:
6. Share your ideas with us. Do you have recommendations on these particular aspects of the evening based on other events you've attended?
7. If you could change one or more aspects of the evening, what would it/they be?
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