2014 Economics Survey

Thanks for participating in the Appeal-Democrat’s 2014 Economics survey. We’re interested in finding out what readers believe the coming year will bring and what impacts it will have on their household economics.
All answers and comments are anonymous. We’ll use the information we gather from the survey for an economics report to be published in November.
First, a little about yourself:
1. Your age group:
2. Your annual income:
3. Where do you live?
4. Do you have children 18 or younger living at home?
5. Are you:
6. How do you rate your household economics this year compared to a year ago?
7. Looking ahead to the year 2014, do you expect to buy your own home?
8. Looking ahead to the year 2014, do you expect to make any major purchases, such as a car or major appliances?
9. Compared to 2012, how’s your credit-to-savings ratio? (check all that apply)
10. Compared to 2012, do you feel your family is: (check all that apply)
11. Compared to 2012, do you feel your business/place of employment is:
12. How do you feel about the local economy? Do you have suggestions for improving the local economy?
13. What sorts of retail and/or business opportunities do you feel are lacking that you’d like to have locally?
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