Troop Cookie Manager Evaluation
1. Troop #
2. Area (District)/Service Unit (Neighborhood)
3. Age Level
4. The Girl Evaluation (T-7) is enclosed in the T- 4 Troop Final Report Envelope. 
5. My troop will be completing the Girl Evaluation online.
6. I attended the Cookie Program Training in my Neighborhood.
7. What did you gain from this training?
8. How can this training be improved?
9. Did you find the Troop Plan Book to be helpful?
10. What did you find to be the most beneficial?
11. What can be improved?
12. Did Snap meet your troop's needs?
13. Did you refer to the Troop Snap User Guide?
14. Did you use Smart Cookie U?
15. Did your Troop set a sales goal?
16. If yes, did your troop meet the goal?
17. If not, what circumstances kept this from happening?
18. Did your troop participate in a booth?
19. If yes, what was the most positive aspect?
20. If not, what kept you from having a booth?
21. Optional: Additional comments on the cookie program (Forms, delivery, cupboards, rewards and cookies).
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