Money Works for Women Final Survey

We appreciate your help in providing this information and feedback. Thank you!
1. Did you learn at least one new thing about personal finances as a result of the Money Works for Women program?
2. Please rate the following statements using a Strongly AGREE through Strongly DISAGREE scale:
The program met my needs
I can apply what I learned in my daily life
I feel more confident about money management
3. How did you first hear about the Money Works for Women program?
4. What was your primary source of information about the MWFW events?
5. Did you use the Curtis Memorial Library Money Works for Women website?
6. If so, how often?
7. Please tell us your age range:
8. For future library programming, do you have any suggestions on how we could have improved the Money Works for Women program or done something differently?
9. If you would be willing to attend a short discussion about the program to share your thoughts about its pros and cons in person (coffee & snacks will be provided!), please leave us your email or phone number in the box below so we can contact you. Thank you!
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