2012 Market Research Survey -- Haas Alumni

Thank you for taking the time to respond to our survey! Your answers will help us create more open enrollment programs tailored specifically to your needs and interests.

- Kristina Susac, Director of Marketing and Open Programs
1. In thinking about your personal goals, what are your top 3 learning gaps that could potentially be addressed by an executive education program?
2. I would be interested in executive education programs in the following areas (rank from 1-6 in order of interest, with 1 being your top choice and 6 being your last choice):
3. Please indicate your level of interest in the following program topics (rank from 1-10 in order of interest, with 1 being your top choice and 10 being your last choice):
Risk Management
Behavioral Finance
Big Data
Profiting from Innovation
Mergers and Acquisitions
Problem Framing/Problem Solving
Private Equity
Presentation Skills
Marketing Essentials
4. Please note your gender:
5. Please indicate your preferred length for an executive education program:
6. Would you be interested in taking online learning courses in conjunction with programs you've taken at UC Berkeley Center for Executive Education as a means of extending your learning? Please select your level of interest.
7. Please indicate your social media usage:
8. Which social media platforms do you use?
9. Please select your title from the list below:
10. Please enter the following demographic information:
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