Reunion Weekend 2014 Evaluation

Reunion Weekend 2014 Evaluation

Dear ACPHS alumna/alumnus:

We are delighted that you came back to Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences for your Reunion, and hope you had a wonderful time. Your reactions and thoughts about this Reunion are very helpful and important for future planning. Please take a few moments to complete this evaluation.

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. It is very much appreciated.


Members of the Office of Institutional Advancement Team
1. Which best describes your attendance at Reunion Weekends? Select the best answer.
2. I am more likely to attend Reunion Weekend when…. (Check as many as apply.)
3. Indicate your level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the following statements.
Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly DisagreeN/A
I prefer to receive information about Reunion Weekend via printed material (Alumni News, mailed invitation)
I prefer to receive information about Reunion Weekend electronically (e-mail, Facebook, electronic newsletter)
The information/invitation I received in advance of Reunion Weekend was comprehensive.
The registration process was efficient.
The scheduling of events allowed me to comfortably attend those in which I was most interested.
Reunion staff were knowledgeable and helpful.
4. Indicate the events with which you were most satisfied.
5. Indicate any events with which you were NOT satisfied or did NOT meet your expectations.
6. Provide any further comments or suggestions you would like to make about Reunion Weekend.
7. Indicate the range which includes your graduating class year.
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