Voices for Healthy Kids Toolkit Evaluation: Healthy Corner Stores

1. Overall, how satisfied were you with the Healthy Corner Stores toolkit?
2. The information in the Healthy Corner Stores toolkit is:
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
Easy to find
User friendly
Relevant to the issue
3. How helpful did you find each of the following resources?
Extremely helpfulHelpfulNot very helpful (needs improvement)Did not review this section
Recruit: Potential Allies
Recruit: Recruitment Basics
Recruit: Recognition Plan
Engage: Engaging With Diverse Audiences
Engage: Social Media Resources and Tips
Engage: Using Social Media to Reach Journalists
Mobilize: Action Alerts
Mobilize: The Value of Phone Outreach
Mobilize: Hosting a Media Event
Mobilize: Media Training Tips
Mobilize: Why Op-Eds Matter
Mobilize: Meeting with Legislators
Mobilize: Days at the Capitol
Lobbying vs. Non-Lobbying Checklist
Sample Emotional Op-Ed
Sample Rational Op-Ed
Action Alerts
Social Media Sample Messaging
Newsletter Blurbs
Sample Blog Post: Letters to the Editor
Case Studies
Index of Potential Allies
4. Which resources did you find most useful?
5. Which resources did you find least useful?
6. What materials would you like to see added to the toolkit?
7. The organization that I work for is the/a/an:
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