Butler University Alumni Association 2015 Board of Directors Member Nomination Form

Alumni Board Member Nomination Form

The Butler University Alumni Association Board of Directors consists of 24 voting members, each serving a four year term. These individuals meet three times per year on Butler’s campus to discuss various topics concerning the Alumni Association and the campus.

Board members are expected to:
•Participate in three board meetings and flagship events associated with each meeting each academic year.
•Engage alumni at Association and chapter events.
•Be a donor to the University.
•Connect with current Butler students through programming opportunities like mentoring, Dinner with 10 Bulldogs, or student networking events.
•Communicate news about the University and Association to their alumni network.
•Provide the University with feedback from their alumni network.

Nominations (including self-nominations) for membership are accepted throughout the year. Nominations turned in by October 31 will be taken into consideration for the new member term beginning June 1 of the following calendar year. If a nomination form is received after the October 31 deadline, the nomination will be held and considered the following year.
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