2014 LAX Bicycle Survey

1. How often do you ride your bicycle?
2. How often do you ride your bike to LAX?
3. What is your bicycle skill level?
4. Do you ride to LAX for:
5. What zip code do you live in?
6. Do you ride to LAX from:
7. How many one-way miles do you ride to LAX? (If you don't ride your bicycle to LAX, insert N/A.)
8. How many minutes does your one-way trip to LAX take? (If you don't ride your bicycle to LAX, insert N/A.)
9. If you work at LAX, what company do you work for? (If you don't work at LAX insert N/A.)
10. Are any of the following facilities provided at your destination for bicycle commuters (either by LAWA or by your employer)?
11. What facilities currently NOT provided at your destination would you most like to see at LAX? (Rank top five)
Bike racks
Bicycle lockers
Locked Outdoor Bicycle Cage
Locked Indoor room/cage
Bikestation or bike valet parking
Clothes/equipment storage
Self-service Bicycle repair space
Retail Bicycle repair service
12. What are your primary reasons FOR traveling to LAX by bicycle: (Rank top five)
Car parking costs/availability
Gas prices
Traffic Congestion
Environmental concerns
Improved bicycle facilities
Moved closer to work
More convenient than shuttle from parking lot
13. What are your primary reasons for NOT traveling to LAX by bicycle:
No place to store my bike
No shower/locker room available
Traffic around LAX is too dangerous
There are no safe bike routes into LAX
Live too far from work
Faster to drive
14. What is/are your most frequent destination(s) at LAX via bicycle?
15. Would you park your bike near Terminal 1 and take shuttle or walk to your final destination if secure, indoor bicycle parking was available? If you selected no, why not?
16. Would you be willing to pay for a membership or daily service fee for secure, indoor bicycle parking facility at LAX (facility could include showers, lockers, bicycle repair equipment, etc.)?
17. Have you had bicycle safety training?
18. Are you interested in paid or free bicycle safety training?
19. To receive information about future improvements provide the following contact information (Don't worry! We will not send many emails.)
20. Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
Our Contact Information: RideshareInfo@lawa.org (424) 646-7665
Thank you very much for your time to answer the 2014 LAX Bicycle Survey!
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