2014 Initial Disclosure


In order to comply with the Office of Research Compliance’s Financial Conflicts of Interest Policy (ORC-003), this financial disclosure is required of all new researchers who share responsibility for the design, conduct or reporting of results for sponsored research projects.

In general, a financial interest is anything of monetary value, easily determined or not, such as real estate, bank accounts, stock investments, memorabilia collections, property, etc. Among the many financial interests you may possess, some may be considered Significant Financial Interests(SFI).

The work that you do at or on behalf of Seattle Children's is part of your Institutional Responsibilities. That work might include activities such as research, consultation, teaching, professional practice, management (of staff or projects), service on Seattle Children's committees or boards (for example, steering committees, Institutional Review Board, Data Safety Monitoring Boards, etc.) or any other work that you do at or on behalf of Seattle Children's. For the purposes of this disclosure, the phrase "your institutional responsibilities" applies only to you.

Per the Office of Research Compliance’s Financial Conflict of Interest policy (ORC-003), a SFI is a financial interest that

  • reasonably appears to be related to your Institutional Responsibilities
  • meets one or more of the SFI criteria, after accounting for any specified exclusions

This tool will ask you specific questions which relate to each SFI criteria and their associated exclusions. It will also ask you to provide detailed information regarding your significant financial interests. All information you provide will be kept confidential.

You may edit your responses using the Next/Previous buttons on the bottom of each page. Do not use the Back/Forward button on top of your web browser’s navigation bar. If you exit the tool before completing your disclosure, your responses will not be saved.

To submit your responses, you must complete the disclosure.

If, after completing this disclosure, you need to update the information you provided or disclose additional SFIs, you will need to submit a Disclosure Update. Please visit the Office of Research Compliance’s CHILD page or external web page for more information.

For the purposes of this disclosure, the term “you” refers to you or your spouse, domestic partner and/or dependent children.

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