145th Place & SE 22nd Street Project Survey

Project Description of 145th Place SE and SE 22nd Street

The City of Bellevue recently completed major capital improvements along 145th Place near your neighborhood or place of business:

- Added new bikelanes, sidewalks and medians, along with a center-turn lane on 145th Place SE

- Added new sidewalk, where missing, and new roadway channelization at the 156th Avenue SE and SE 22nd intersection.

- Added two new mid-block crosings with lighted signs.

- Incorporated landscape planters, rain gardens and a pervious concrete sidewalk, which lets rain filter through to the ground below.

- Improved the street lighting and the SE 24th Street traffic signal.

On SE 22nd Street,the city added sidewalk, curb, and gutter, where missing, a three-foot-wide shoulder, and improved the street lighting.

We would like to find out whether this project met your expectations so that we may improve our project delivery in the future.
1. Do you live in a neighborhood near this project?
2. Do you drive on 145th Place SE or SE 22nd Street?
3. Do you bike on 145th Place SE?
4. Do you walk on 145th Place or SE 22nd Street?
5. Do you work or do business near 145th Place SE or SE 22nd Street?
6. In your opinion, how would you rate meeting the project's goal of improving biking assessibility?
7. In your opinion, how would you rate the project's goal of improving walking accessibility?
8. In your opinion, how would you rate meeting the project's goal of improved safety?
9. In your opinion, does the overall project meet the city's mission - "To provide a safe and efficient transportation system that supports livable neighborhoods and a vital economy in partnership with the community"?
10. In general, did this project meet your expections?
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