Fostering a Collegial Environment: Guidelines for the Department Chair 9.18.12

How Are We Doing?

We're committed to monitoring the quality of the services and products we provide, as part of an ongoing improvement process. We would appreciate your feedback on our performance.
1. What is your role on campus?
2. Please rate the following aspects of the online seminar.
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Quality of content.
Similarity of advertised content to actual content.
Presenter effectiveness.
Level of presenter's expertise.
Value of audience interaction.
Quality of supplemental materials.
Ease of using the presentation.
Audio quality.
3. The amount of information presented was:
4. How useful was the information in the seminar?
5. How likely is it that you will implement the ideas discussed in this seminar?
6. Would you participate in another Magna Online Seminar?
7. Overall rating of the online seminar?
PoorBelow averageAverageAbove averageExcellent
Overall rating
8. Would you recommend this online seminar to a friend?
9. To improve our service to you, please include additional comments you have:
10. May we use your comments for testimonial purposes?
11. Please provide your contact information; however, we respect your right to privacy if you wish to remain anonymous.
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