American Law & Banking Law LLM Writing Programs Library Training Evaluation 2007


We would appreciate your feedback on this fall’s library sponsored training so that we can continue to improve the research training provided to LLM students in the Research & Writing Program. This evaluation reviews the information that was covered in the mandatory library Research Tour, the Introduction to Online Legal Research, and the training offered by the Lexis and Westlaw representatives. Your answers will be submitted electronically to the Pappas Law Library. Thank you!

To be eligible to win a $25 BU Bookstore gift certificate, please create a unique contest identifier by combining the first four letters of your last name with the numerical equivalent of the month and date of your birthday (e.g. Jill Roberts born April 7 = Robe47).
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2. Had you used any of the following prior coming to BUSL? (check all that apply)
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