Godfather's Pizza Gluten-Free Experience

Thank you for purchasing Godfather's Pizza's gluten-free pizzas. We are interested in learning more about your overall experience. Please take a few minutes to answer some questions and you will be entered into a drawing for $100.
Provide following information for chance in drawing and to receive future information on gluten-free products
Where did you learn about our gluten-free pizzas?
How many people in your family require a gluten-free diet?
What location did you visit? Please provide street and city.
Was the staff knowledgeable about the gluten-free product?
When you ordered your pizza, did you...
What pizza did you order?
Thinking of your experience with eating the pizza...
Very SatisfactorySatisfactoryUnsatisfactoryVery UnsatisfactoryN/A
What is your overall opinion of the pizza purchased?
Do you belong to a gluten-intolerant or celiac support group?
We are looking for new products to add to our line of gluten-free pizzas. Please select what you would consider to be top 3 choices for completing your dining experience at your local Godfather's Pizza store.
Overall comments:
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