2008 Fishing Rodeos

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1. What ethinicity are you? (Optional)
2. What gender is your child? (Optional)
3. What fishing rodeo did you attend?
4. How many times had your child been fishing before attending the rodeo?
5. How many South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Fishing Rodeos has your child attended in the past?
6. How likely is it that you and your child would attend another SCDNR Fishing Rodeo in the future?
Not At AllNot Very LikelyPossibleLikelyExtremely Likely
How Likely
7. Did your child catch a fish at the rodeo you attended?
8. If you answered YES to question number 7, how many fish did your child catch at the rodeo?
9. Rate you and your child's experience at the rodeo you attended.
10. How often do you see yourself as a parent taking your child out to participate in fishing during the next year?
11. Would you spend money on fishing equipment and tackle for yourself or your child during the next year?
12. Do you currently have a South Carolina hunting or fishing license?
13. If you answered NO to question number 12, would you purchase a license after the experience you had with your child at the rodeo?
14. If you answered YES to question number 12, what type of license or licenses do you own?
15. If you answered YES to question 12, what years did you purchase a license?
16. Do you support legal and ethical fishing?
17. Do you support legal and ethical hunting?
18. Have you heard of the SC Reel Kids program?
19. If you answered YES to question 18, has or will your child enroll in the program?
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