GLRSN Burden Document 2008 Evaluation

1. Great Lakes Regional Stroke Network Burden Document 2008 Evaluation

The Great Lakes Regional Stroke Network recently released its 2008 Burden Document. We appreciate you taking the time to answer a few questions about the document in order for us to better meet your needs.
1. What type of organization do you represent or work for?
2. Where are you located?
3. The layout of information in this report is clear and information is easy to find.
4. This report will be useful for my data needs regarding stroke and stroke risk factors.
5. I am likely to use the data about:
Strongly agreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly disagree
Stroke mortality
Stroke risk factors
Awareness of signs and symptoms of stroke
Stroke neurologists
Stroke hospitalizations
Stroke prevalence
Rehabilitation data
6. Please indicate the ways that you may use the data in this report (check all that apply).
7. What information was missing or lacking from this report? Please describe.
8. What information is not helpful in this report? Please describe.
9. Overall, this report helps me understand the burden of stroke in the Great Lakes region.
10. Your feedback is crucial towards the development and writing of future reports. Please add any additional comments here.
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