Strategic Conservation Agenda Feedback

1. To what extent are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the Strategic Conservation Agenda in each of the following areas?
Very dissatisfiedSomewhat dissatisfiedSomewhat satisfiedVery satisfiedDon't know
Communicating the importance of key trends.
Communicating DNR’s strategic directions.
Being accountable to results.
Covering topics that are relevant to you.
Overall satisfaction with the Conservation Agenda.
2. What do you find most useful about the Conservation Agenda?
3. What are your suggestions for improving the Conservation Agenda?
4. What is your reaction to the key trends and strategic directions in the Conservation Agenda? How do they intersect with your interests or work?
5. What is your reaction to the set of key measures used? Do you have any suggestions for improvement?
6. What is your affiliation? (interested citizen, industry, environmental group, local government, DNR employee, etc.)
7. Any additional comments?
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