ASA Club Survey 2013


In 2011, the Chief Executive re-launched the Amateur Swimming Association’s (ASA) commitment to its clubs and its members.
In 2013, we reinforced this commitment with the appointment of a new ASA Club Development Team and by releasing the Club Strategy 2013-2017.

Our vision
• To retain and increase ASA membership through clubs
• To build defined athlete pathways leading to an increased talent pool
• To build a network of quality and sustainable clubs at the core of our talent pathway

The ASA is keen to hear your views following the release of the Club Strategy 2013-2017.
Please link here to view the Club Strategy 2013-2017.

We encourage all clubs to complete the attached survey and to use it as an opportunity to not only provide the ASA with baseline data from which we can measure year on year, but more importantly, to let us know whether we are moving in the right direction and to share your ideas.

Please take this opportunity to furnish us with real insight into the focus of your club. Specific data relating to individual clubs will be used in accordance with ASA data protection procedures, data will be presented as a national overview and it will not be possible to attribute the detail to individual clubs. At no point will individual club data be shared with third parties.

Questions are optional, however please remember that the more answers you provide, the better equipped the ASA will be to support your club in the future.

Prior to completing this questionnaire, you may wish to do a small bit of research regarding your club to ensure you are ready to answer the questions themed around:
Membership numbers per discipline offered
Membership numbers of participants with a disability

If you are involved in more than one club, we would very much appreciate it if you could fill out more than one questionnaire. Please focus on one club at a time.

This survey will close on Friday 31st January 2014.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

Melissa Handford
Head of Club Development