How to send surveys: best practices for better data

You’ve invested a solid chunk of time and effort developing a superb survey. The next step? Figuring out the smartest way to get it in front of your respondents, so you can get the most—and best—responses.

In the first installment of our Survey Collector Series, How to send surveys: best practices for better data, we’ll explore the various collector types (including web link, email, and social to name a few), some guidelines for determining which one you should use, and more. You should watch this webinar if you use surveys and want to better understand what collector is right for your needs.

  • Different ways to send surveys—and the best way for your use case
  • How different ways to send surveys affect the survey-taking experience
  • How to buy responses
  • Sample size best practices​

Jon Cohen
Chief Research Officer, SurveyMonkey

Morgan Molnar
Product Marketing Manager, SurveyMonkey