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Case Study

Community Intervention Services proves the value of telehealth through surveys and NPS

Community Intervention Services (CIS) made a major shift amid the COVID-19 pandemic in how the organization’s behavioral health services were offered. Moving 1,500 providers to fully virtual appointments in less than a week was no small feat. CIS turned to their established relationship with SurveyMonkey to get a sense of how patients had handled the transition.

Leveraging the team’s usual biannual satisfaction survey with some adjustments to address telehealth, CIS was able to quickly collect data that showed their patients were not only as satisfied with their care as they were previously – in some areas, they were even more happy than before. Using historic SurveyMonkey data and a proven survey methodology, the team was able to collect data that went beyond patient satisfaction and made a case for telehealth as a foundational behavioral health approach.

Download the case study to learn how CIS pivoted quickly and uncovered a significant increase in Net Promoter Score using SurveyMonkey Enterprise.

Download the case study
See how Community Intervention Services increased NPS with SurveyMonkey Enterprise.