* 1. How often do you use the library in Cedar Hill?

* 2. How satisfied are you with the Cedar Hill library? 

* 3. If you do not use the Cedar Hill library, please check all reasons why.

* 4. Please check any other libraries you use in the area.

* 5. Do you also go to local independent or large bookstores? Please check all that apply.

* 6. How do you get to the Cedar Hill library?  Please check all that apply.

* 7. Why do you use the library?  Please check all that apply.

* 8. How would you currently rate the Cedar Hill Library on the following?

  1 Star-Poor Performance 2 Stars- Some Room for Improvement 3 Stars-Just Fine the Way It Is... 4 Stars-Very Well Done! 5 Stars-Excellent Job!
Collections and Resources
Public Access to Computers
Getting Materials from other Libraries
Staff Help
Reference Assistance
After School and Educational Programs
Teen Programs
Summer Reading Programs
Hours Open
Senior Programs
Available Seating
Comfortable Seating
Fosters a Love of Reading
Helps Students
Celebrates Community
Children's Programs
Adult Programs
Cultural and Arts Programs
Book Club and Author Programs

* 9. What are the most important materials the library should have to serve the whole community?  Please rate the value of each item.

  No Value Low Value Valuable Highest Value
Children's Books
Career Guidance/ Job Seeking
Community Information
School Curriculum Support
Adult Basic Education
English as a Second Language
New Books and Bestsellers
Adult Non-Fiction
Reference Material and Resources
Local History
DVDs and CDs
Children's Audio/Visual

* 10. What are the most important services the library can provide?  Please rate all choices from least value to highest value.

  No Value Low Value Valuable Highest Value
Community Information and Referral
Homework Help and Programs
Children's Reading Programs
Computer and Internet Training
Public Computer Access
Adult Education
Teen Programs
Basic Literacy Programs
English Language Skills
Reference Assistance
Cultural and Arts Programs
Local History
Continuing Education
Toddler/Pre-School Story Time and Programs
Book Discussion Groups
Baby Story Time and Programs
Entertainment Programs
Tutoring Programs in Partnership with Schools
Programs in Partnership with Community Organizations and Non-Profits

* 11. What qualities should the library have? Please rate the importance of each.

  No Value Low Value Valuable Highest Value
Children's Area
Homework Center
Quiet Areas
Internet Stations
Copy and Print Stations
Comfortable Seating
Wireless Internet Access
Art and Cultural Exhibit Space
Individual Study Carrels
Public (Community) Meeting Room
Group Study Space
Cafe with Refreshments
Career Center
Local History Collections/Displays
Technology Training Center
Friends Bookstore
Browsing Areas
Library Program Space

* 12. What do you think a library will be like 10 years from now?

* 13. What new technology would you like the library to have?

* 14. What future programs/classes/event ideas would you like to see at the library?

* 15. Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

* 16. What is your favorite library program/event?

* 17. The next five questions help us understand about you.  Do you live in Cedar Hill?

* 18. What is your age group?

* 19. What is your primary language?

* 20. Do you have access to a computer or mobile device at home or for personal use at work?

* 21. Do you have broadband high speed access to the Internet at home or for personal use at work?