Information About You

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* 1. Teen Participant Information

* 3. Name of School

* 5. PERSONAL SKILLS INVENTORY: You were given a personal skills inventory in your packet from the first session. You can click here if you would like to access it online. This survey is designed to help you identify your personal skills. Every job will include some tasks or will need a few skills that you don’t really care to do. But to pursue a job you will really love, you want to know which skills you really like to use and which one you do well. You were asked to select five projects or activities you’ve enjoyed that had an outcome (helping organize a school event, producing a video for a class project, rebuilding a car engine), learning something new such as a sport or hobby. What were the titles of the 5 stories you selected?

* 6. Go back to the skill inventory and out of all the skills you like and that you used in more than one story, select 10 that you most enjoy using. Think carefully about each of these top 10 skills and how much you want to use that skill. Do you want to use that skill often or occasionally in a job. Now place these top 10 skills in order from your favorite to your least favorite.

* 7. After completing this survey and identifying your top 10 skills, did anything surprise you? Did you learn anything new about yourself