Zero Unemployment Survey

Thanks for completing our recruiting survey as part of the Zero Unemployment movement. This is a short survey to help understand how recruiting is helping impact the current United States economy.

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* 1. My role in hiring employees is:

* 3. Total number of employees in my organization:

* 4. My company has added new jobs in 2011.

* 5. My company plans on adding new jobs in 2012.

* 6. My company's largest candidate source(s) are:

* 7. The average job opening takes how much time to fill?

* 8. Finding the right candidate is most difficult because:

* 9. How many applications do you receive on average for one job opening?

* 10. Recruiting is ________:

* 11. Unemployed job seekers are:

* 12. Do you believe that discrimination against the unemployed exists (ie it's more difficult to get a job interview if you are already without a job)?

* 13. Have you experienced resistance from hiring managers when presenting qualified yet unemployed candidates?