1. Consent and Assent

Informed Consent and Assent: Participatory Action Research:
Youth Empowerment and YWCA Program Evaluation

This is the informed consent form for the Participatory Action Research (PAR) project taking place with the YWCA. Before you can participate, please read this document in order to understand the nature of this PAR research project, and the opportunities and risks you may encounter. This project is entirely voluntary. Before you agree to participate, you may contact Sarah Stockholm, YWCA Olympia, Program Facilitator (360) 352-0593 with any questions or concerns.

This PAR project emerged from conversations between YWCA staff, student researchers, and the YWCA Youth Advisory Board. YWCA staff wanted the voice of youth to be heard and valued within their program evaluations.

Nature of the Research
This research project will be conducted using the basic principles of PAR. PAR emphasizes active participation rather than mere involvement. The research team, along with the YWCA, have identified three goals for our research (these are subject to change if co-researchers, members of the Youth Advisory Board and those seeking to join, choose to exclude or add additional goals).

1) Incorporate the voice of youth within YWCA program evaluation data
2) Establish a working definition of empowerment, as defined by youth
3) Understand barriers to youth empowerment

Benefits of Participation
1) Help create change to YWCA youth programs 
2) Learn how to conduct research within the PAR framework
3) Co-create a survey/questionnaire to evaluate YWCA programs
4) Your voice will be heard
5) Meet other youth in your community
6) Have FUN!

Risks of Participation
This research project does not seek information that will harm you. It may carry certain minimal social risks. It is primarily concerned with identifying barriers to youth empowerment, understanding why youth are typically excluded from program evaluations and asserting the voice of youth within their communities. However, as with any research, risks can arise at any time. By agreeing to participate in this research project you will be asked to participate in any or all of the following to help accomplish the three goals listed above: Taking questionnaires, surveys, participating in discussion or focus groups, and one-on-one interviews.

Voluntary Participation
It is important to reiterate that your participation is voluntary. At any time throughout the research, you can also refuse to participate or withdraw from the entire process. If you decide not to participate in the survey, it will not inhibit any services/programs you may access/receive with PAR or any YWCA program(s) now or in the future.

If you are taking this survey online and you are under the age of 18, consent must be given by your guardian before you proceed.

In order to assent to being a survey participant you must first read this document in its entirety.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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