* 1. What school year are you in?

* 2. Please select your gender:

* 4. Please select which statement best describes your preparations for when you leave school.

* 5. When you leave school, what would be your first choice?

* 6. Please rate the careers education activities you have already taken part in through school?

  Excellent Good Satisfactory Poor N/A
University trips & talks
College trips & talks
Taster days/sessions
Careers talks
Careers education assemblies
Careers lessons in PSHE
Introduction to UCAS Progress

* 7. Please select any of the following you have used for careers education information advice and guidance. 

* 8. Do you feel the careers education information advice & guidance you have received so far is helping you make a decision about what to do when you leave school?

* 9. Please add any comments

* 10. What would you like more information on?

* 11. Overall how would you rate the careers education information advice and guidance you have received from/through school so far?

* 12. Please add any other comments