The Squamish Youth Resource Centre is a service offered by Sea to Sky Community Services that you have recently attended.

First, the basics...

* 1. How did you find out about the Youth Resource Centre?

Now, tell us how we did

* 2. Are you satisfied with:

  Yes Somewhat No
The times the YRC is open
The location of the YRC
The level of safety at the YRC
The resources offered at the YRC

* 3. Have you learned more about your rights and how to get help while at the Youth Resource Centre?

* 4. Have the YRC staff helped you to find volunteer or paid work?

* 5. Have you been given an opportunity to decide what happens at the Youth Resource Centre?

* 6. Are you satisfied with the activities offered by the YRC? (Think of programming, out trips and workshops.)

* 7. Are you satisfied with the support you`ve received from the Youth Resource Centre staff?

* 8. What is your favourite thing about the Youth Resource Centre?

* 9. What can we do to make the Youth Resource Centre better?

Any problems? We want to know!

* 10. Did you have problems accessing or using our service?

* 11. If yes, please let us know details.

Almost done! Just a couple of questions about Sea to Sky Community Services.

* 12. Please let us know what you think SSCS's strengths are. Feel free to share a positive experience you've had as a result of our work together.

* 13. Please let us know what you think SSCS needs to work on to provide better supports and services. Be as specific as you can and please share your suggestions for improvement.

* 14. Are there unmet needs in the community you feel SSCS should address? How do you think we can help?

* 15. Have our staff been courteous and respectful?

* 16. Has your overall experience with SSCS been positive?

Have more to say?

* 17. Would you like us to follow up with you regarding your responses? If so, please leave your name and contact information.