Participant Information Sheet


My name is Gina Woodhill.  I own Madoka Vinyasa Yoga and I am studying for PhD at the Australian National University. 

 As the primary investigator, I, Gina Woodhill, am a postgraduate student in the School of Sociology, CASS, at the Australian National University. I teach yoga in the Australian Capital Territory, in Kenya, and in Sierra Leone.  I work with the Africa Yoga Project and the Baptiste Yoga Institute.  My teaching is related to and informs the research I am conducting but has no financial benefit to me as I teach private clients, therapeutically, and donation classes.

 Project Title: The Yoga Market in the Australian Capital Territory: a Sociological Reading of Principles, Promises and Possiblity

 General Outline of the Project: 

Description and Methodology: This project sets out to discover what people in the Australian Capital Territory perceive they are practicing and teaching, selling and buying under the label yoga.  The project is set in three parts.  The first, asks questions about status, knowledge of yoga, and practice.  Part two asks you about feelings (particularly around trust) in the buying and selling of yoga: what is being sold and bought, and what promises are being made and delivered in the yoga market.  Part three asks about the benefits of yoga, how yoga has benefits health and how it does or does not operate under the complimentary medicine mode.
Participants: The date will be collected through Survey Monkey.  The participants are people in the general and yoga community in the Australian Capital Territory.  It is hoped responses will be above 1000.
Use of Data and Feedback: The data will be used to create a picture of the real yoga market in the Australian Capital Territory with some comparisons to other established markets.  The information will be freely available when the PhD is completed as an online document.  It is perceived the material will serve the yoga community as it evolves and grows.
Project Funding: Funding for the use of Survey Monkey comes from personal savings.
Participant Involvement:
You are invited to participate in the survey as a member of the general public, a practitioner of yoga, a teacher of yoga, or/and as a studio owner. 
·       Voluntary Participation & Withdrawal: Participation in the survey and project is voluntary.  There are no incentives.  If at some time you feel you would like to withdraw from the survey you can simply log out of the survey engine and delete your details.  If you would like at a later time to withdraw from the project you may email the primary researcher and ask for your survey to be deleted.
·       What does participation in the research request of you? The project asks you to spend about 15 minutes answering an online survey regarding your knowledge and practice of yoga.
·       Location and Duration: The survey can be taken in your own time on any computer where you can log into Survey Monkey. 
·       Remuneration: There is no remuneration for participation in the project.  However by participating in the project it is hoped there will be a long term benefit to the yoga market in the Australian Capital Territory as detailed pictured is developed of that market.
·       Risks: There is no risk to your identity or your health and safety.  If you feel uncomfortable with any questions regarding your general health, yoga practice, or business practices there is an option to skip such questions.  Your identity will not be revealed.  However if there are any comments you would like or are happy to have attributed there is space for you to nominate for such.
·       Benefits: As part of the Australian Capital Territory yoga community you will benefit from this research to help see where the market has space to evolve and develop and provide better for clients.  It will also reveal where as a community, yoga teachers and studios are meeting the needs of clients and creating positive experiences through yoga. For the general community, it will offer an insight about what you can expect to by buying and what is being sold to you in the yoga market.  It will also delineate what yoga is seen to be in the Australian Capital Territory.

·       Confidentiality: The information will be kept on confidential files online through the Survey Monkey database.  When data is analysed and drawn down from Survey Monkey there will be no correlation to individual names.  On the Survey Monkey site you can also have anonymity. All care is taken with your confidentiality as far as the law allows.
Data Storage:
·       Where: The data will be stored online on Survey Monkey.
·       .How long: The data will then be transferred to an external hard drive and retained in my possession for five years.  At the end of the data storage requirements, the data will be deleted.  The period of five years begins when any publications arising from this research are published.
·     Destruction of Data: The data will be electronically deleted by Gina Woodhill at the end of the above period.

Queries and Concerns:
Contact Details for More Information: For further information on this project any participant can contact the primary investigator, Gina Woodhill at   The project supervisor, Dr Kevin White can also be contacted through email at Kevin.White

Ethics Committee Clearance:
The ethical aspects of this research have been approved by the ANU Human Research Ethics Committee.  If you have any concerns or complaints about how this research has been conducted, please contact:

 Ethics Manager
The ANU Human Research Ethics Committee
The Australian National University
Telephone: +61 2 6125 3427