Share your best practices with the Ex Libris community

We areĀ putting together an ebook of "tips" from libraries around the world. The ebook will be freely available for the benefit of the entire library community. With your help, we can create something both special and useful.

To help create this, please submit your answers to any of the following questions:

* 1. How can libraries demonstrate their value to the institution?

* 2. What successful strategies and tools have you used in demonstrating value?

* 3. How can libraries extend their reach to the academic ecosystem?
(For example, by influencing teaching and learning, supporting research, or improving student success?)

* 4. What is your single best tip for other libraries or librarians?
(This can be anything, from day-to-day practical advice to strategic directions libraries could adopt.)

* 5. May we quote you by name?

* 6. Your Contact Information