Fending off aging (with sunscreen, sleep, retinol, etc.) is one thing. Looking better as you age is another. If you’re one of the women who pulls off that trick, we’re jealous—and curious how you do it. Did you stop coloring your hair and find that silver is far chic-er than medium brown? Did you take up running and find it whittled away the saddlebags you thought you were, well, saddled with for life? Or, do you simply look in the mirror, admire your many assets and tell yourself, “Girl, you look good”? Whatever you’re doing, we want to know (and so do your fellow MORE readers). Use the space below to spill your secret, then, if you have time, answer the multiple choice questions that follow by July 10, 2012. Your answer(s) may appear in a future issue of MORE.

* 1. What is your look-better-with-age secret?

* 2. Do you like your hair color better now—or in your 20s?

* 3. Do you like your haircut better now—or in your 20s?

* 4. Is your skin better now—or in your 20s?

* 5. Do you like your body better now—or in your 20s?

* 6. 5. Would you be willing to talk about your better-with-age strategies to a MORE editor or reporter? If so, please include an email address or phone number at which we can reach you.