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* 1. How long have you been using SUSE?

* 2. Why did you choose SUSE Linux Enterprise?

* 3. Which of these do you work with or use most frequently?

* 4. How could SUSE better meet your needs?

* 5. What is your primary role pertaining to SUSE?

* 6. What other Enterprise Linux distros are you experienced with?

* 7. Are you doing any cloud computing yet?

* 8. What kinds of Big Data projects are underway, or under consideration in your organization?

* 9. What is the principal industry of your organization?

* 10. Where do you live?

* 11. Which of these social media sites do you use regularly?

* 12. What are your favorite things about using SUSE?

* 13. Would you be interested in doing a success story or case study about your organization's use of SUSE Linux Enterprise products?

* 14. If you would like to be entered in the drawing for the prizes, please supply the following info. We will primarily use your contact information to award the t-shirts, and may also reach out to a few of you based on your experience level, to see if you would like to write some technical articles for SUSE Conversations. (We pay with Reward Points redeemable for Amazon gift cards.)

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