Section 1: Background

Thank you for visiting the Local Enterprise Partnership skills research survey. The information you provide will be treated in confidence and will not be used for any purposes other than this research project.

The survey is part of a larger project that is designed to help ensure that the training provision available across Yorkshire and the Humber responds to the changing employment and skills needs of the regional economy and its employers. For further information, either about the survey or the research project more widely, please contact Tim Allan at ekosgen:

We are also conducting a telephone survey of employers that asks many of the same questions as this online survey. If you have already taken part in the telephone survey there is no need to also complete this version.

Please answer the questions as fully as possible. We recognise that in some cases you may need to answer “don’t know” or “not applicable”. Both of these are valid responses.

Many thanks once again for your contribution.

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Planning and/or authorising training across the company
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How many full time and part time staff are employed at this site?