"How to Make a Great Park" Survey

Thank you so much for giving us some of your time. We’re committed to creating great parks and public spaces that respond to the needs of a wide range of people—and we value your opinion.

The purpose of this survey is to help us better understand what experiences you seek out when you go to a park, what motivates you to visit and what factors might prevent you from visiting a park. We’re also interested in better understanding the types of outdoor and park spaces that people most enjoy. Please take 10 minutes to answer our survey. If you have any questions please contact us at info@waterfrontoronto.ca

* 1. Who do you typically visit a park with? (please select up to three)

* 2. Do you have easy access to private greenspace? 

* 3. Why do you go to a park? (please select up to three)

* 4. What influences your decision to visit a park you haven’t been to before? (please select up to three)

* 5. What types of parks and public realm spaces do you most enjoy? (please select all that apply)

* 6. If I was going to spend a few hours or a day at a park, I would need ... (please select up to three)

* 7. What might discourage you from visiting a park? (please select up to three)

* 8. When I go to a park on the weekend, it’s mainly to ... (please select up to three)

* 9. When I go to a park during the week, it’s mainly to... (please select up to three)

* 10. One way I want to use a park, but don’t currently is ... (please select up to three)

* 11. In winter or colder weather, what would bring you to a park? (please select up to three)

* 12. What makes you feel safe in a park? (please select up to three)

* 13. If I go to a park that is nearby (10-minute walk), I would want to find: (please select up to three)

* 14. If I go to a destination park that is farther away and requires that I drive, take transit, bike, or walk for more than 30 minutes, I would want to find: (please select up to three)

* 15. What types of park events and activities most interest you? (please select up to three)

* 16. What types of sports and recreation areas or activities do you enjoy in a park? (please select up to three)

The following questions will only be used to improve Waterfront Toronto’s community engagement programming, resources and audience outreach. Personal information will be kept confidential.

* 17. What is your age:

* 18. Do you identify as someone with a disability?

* 19. Do you sometimes experience mobility issues?

* 20. What are the first three characters of your postal code? 

* 21. Which of the following best describes your immigration status?

* 22. Are there children under the age of 14 in your household?

* 23. Please indicate your annual household income:

* 24. How do you usually get to a park? Select all that apply

* 25. What is your highest level of education completed?

* 26. Have you ever attended a Waterfront Toronto activity - ie. community consultation, town hall, conference, naming campaign, advisory group, etc.