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Part I. Leadership Skills

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* 2. Leadership Skills and Style. There are many different different ways of showing leadership. Look at the following list and rate your own areas of strength as a leader. Then list some leadership skills that you would like to learn this year.

  5 = Very strong 4 3 = In-between 2 1 = Not currently strong
Being an expert about issues in my community
Caring about community issues and problems
Coaching others (helping others to do their best work)
Communicating with Art and Design (using art, graphics, logos, music, video and other arts to communicate ideas)
Communicating with Media (using websites, social media, newspapers and other media to communicate ideas)
Creativity (thinking of new, different, interesting ways to solve problems)
Fun/Friendly (helping a group to enjoy the work)
Hard working
Leading others (persuading others to get involved, to agree about what to do, to work together)
Listening to others
Organizing (setting up timelines, making lists, keeping track of phone numbers and email addresses, etc.)
Public Speaking
Talking to people one-on-one about community issues