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Welcome to the public survey for the 2017 Proposed Yukon Wildlife Act Regulation Changes.

This survey is being led by the Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board. The Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board was established in the Yukon Umbrella FInal Agreement (UFA) in 1993. Chapter 16 of the UFA and the Yukon First Nations Final Agreements recognizes the Board as “the primary instrument for Fish and Wildlife Management in the Yukon”. The Board is mandated to act in the public interest in all fish and wildlife management issues in the territory.
For more information about the Board, see our WEBSITE.

This survey is your opportunity to be directly involved in the sustainable management and conservation of Yukon’s fish and wildlife, by providing feedback on these proposed regulation changes. We value your perspective and we are eager to hear your thoughts!

The public review period for the proposed regulation changes ends at 1:00pm on Friday, December 1. The Board will then consider all comments received, and provide a recommendation to the Yukon's Minister of Environment regarding each proposed regulation change. After the recommendations are made, the process of drafting, consultation, and implementation is the responsibility of the Yukon Government.
More information on the regulation change process and timeline can be found HERE

If you have any questions about proposed regulation changes or the review process, please contact:

Graham Van Tighem, Executive Director
Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board

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