* 1. Please select all the YCC activities you have been involved in:

* 2. Please choose the statement that best describes to what extent you agree with the statement.  

As a Result of the YCC program .....

  I strongly disagree. I disagree. I agree. I strongly agree.
I am more prepared for college or technical school.
I have developed leadership skills.
I have developed communication skills.
I am more comfortable in a work environment.
I have developed a resume.
I have developed time management skills.
I have a career goal.
I have developed financial management skills.
I am aware of the services available at the Kentucky Career Center in my area.
I have developed STEM skills and knowledge.
I am more confident completing job applications.
I am more confident in my job interview skills.
I feel more confident seeking out advice when I need to make decisions regarding career readiness.

* 3. Do you plan to attend college or technical school?

* 4. If you plan to attend college or technical school, do you plan to major inany of the areas below? Please click all that apply.

* 5. Which high school(s) have you attended?