Thanks for selecting Yearbook on your choice sheet. 

There are about a million reasons why you might have signed up for this class. Maybe it’s school pride, or your attention to detail, or that you love writing, photography and design.  Whatever your reason, I can tell you there are even more reasons to want to be in yearbook once you’re there.  We laugh, we argue, we celebrate each other’s birthdays—we are more like a family than a class.

From the moment you walk in on the first day and play games and get treats, to the beginning of April when the last pages are getting sent in to the publisher, it’s an adventure. Once you start on the book, you’ll realize that Yearbook is far from a typical class.

It's not all celebration though. Deadlines are tough. But the Kealing Vespa has been recognized in state and national competitions as one of the finest middle school yearbooks in the country. It is rewarding work that can open exciting opportunities for the future.

The first step to joining this team is the attached application. Please fill it out carefully and honestly by April 20th.  Note: The online application can be completed in stages. You may return to the link multiple times, as long as you use the same computer or device. You must also remember to click the “Next” button at the bottom of each page in order for it to save.