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In our efforts to continually improve the Partial Reconfiguration (PR) solution, we want to make sure we are meeting the needs of our users. We are looking for your input via this brief survey, whether you are an experienced PR designer or you simply considered PR for a project at some point. The questions focus on a specific project that used or considered PR technology; if you have different input for a different project, feel free to step through the survey again.

If you are interested in providing additional feedback or asking questions, simply answer "Yes" to the final question in this survey and a PR team member will be happy to assist you.  Or, you can send an email to us at  Also, please feel free to share this survey link with colleagues that may have opinions on Xilinx PR to share.

For more information on Xilinx Partial Reconfiguration, please visit the PR page on
Partial Reconfiguration in the Vivado Design Suite

Your input is valuable!  Thank you for your help in driving the future of Xilinx technology
The Xilinx Partial Reconfiguration Team

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