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Our product-testing programme enables a select group of Woodworking Crafts readers and Woodworkers Institute members to give their opinion about a new product to help their fellow readers/members make educated purchase decisions. The final product review is not based solely on one review but is the overall feedback from many testers’ opinions.

You must be a UK resident, be 18 years old or over at the time of the test and you cannot have any connection with the manufacturers (their employees, members of their immediate families or associated companies). When registering to the programme, you need to select which woodworking field(s) you have experience in – this will allow GMC Publications to build a targeting system, so to target products based on your skills and to suit your needs.

GMC Publications will select the testers according to their woodworking speciality and will notify them by email. You will be given a deadline to reply by (typically 48 hours), either accepting or refusing to do the product review. If we don’t hear from you after 48h or if you can’t do it for any reason (holiday, other work commitments, etc), we will select another tester for this occasion but we will maintain your details for any suitable future product review.

By participating to a test review, you agree for GMC Publications to share your contact details with the manufacturer. You need to provide your preferred delivery address when registering and GMC Publications is not responsible for any additional charge due to product delivery issues. Once a full set of testers is arranged, you will be notified that the product has been dispatched. You will also be given a link to an online review portal, where you will need to submit your review by the deadline provided. You are obligated to keep testing information confidential and GMC Publications has exclusive ownership of your review. The product is yours to keep but you are not allowed to resell it.

Some high-res photos (at least 1MB) are also required by the provided deadline. These can be emailed to samantha.halpin@thegmcgroup.com (due to high resolution, most email servers will only allow 1 or 2 photos per email, so sending multiple emails with attachments is fine), or sent via dropbox or google drive. Photos can include a headshot, a picture of yourself using the product in your workshop, or the end result.

GMC Publications and the manufacturers are not responsible for any accident that could occur while using the product and you hereby assume all risks of damages or injury.

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