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Thank you in advance for sharing your time and wisdom with the Washington State PTA ("WSPTA") Bylaws Committee by completing this survey. In order to ensure you have plenty of time to answer all of the questions, the survey may be completed in portions; in other words, you may start it now and come back to finish it later.

Bylaws are rules adopted and maintained by an organization to define and direct its structure and management. They describe the relationships, rights and obligations of members, directors and staff. It is important to note that since the WSPTA bylaws are "uniform bylaws," they ARE the bylaws of all levels of our association including the Washington State PTA and all regions, councils and local PTAs. In other words, these are YOUR bylaws, and your PTA is obliged to follow the relevant provisions included in them. As a result, what they include should be very important to you.

In order to improve the WSPTA's ability to achieve its mission and goals, the 2014-2015 WSPTA Bylaws Committee will solicit, consider and clarify the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws proposals from members and recommend bylaws for adoption by the membership during the April 15-17, 2015 WSPTA Convention. We intend that any and all changes meet one or more of the following criteria to be included in the draft bylaws. The proposed change should:

- help the WSPTA accomplish its mission and goals and/or
- enhance the reputation and/or stature of the WSPTA and/or
- improve services to our members and/or constituent organizations and/or
- enhance our ability to attract and retain members and/or
- conserve resources (time, money, etc.)

If you want to reference the current WSPTA Uniform Bylaws as you complete this survey, click here.

To download and preview the survey before taking it, click here.

Again, we thank you for your thoughtful input to this important process.


Your 2014-2015 WSPTA Bylaws Committee
Karen Madsen, Region 7, Chair
Diane Call, Region 12
Teri Davis, Region 3
Heather Gillette, WSPTA President
Megan Klein, Region 5
Alicia Veevaert, Region 2 Denise Hines, WSPTA Staff