We Need Your Help!
Thank you in advance for taking the time to fill out this survey regarding the impact of floods on homes, businesses, and property in Madison County. Your response is greatly appreciated. This survey is part of a larger planning effort for the Wood River and Piasa Creek watersheds on the northwest side of the county. Your response will help determine strategies and recommendations for addressing flooding problems in the watersheds.

What is a Watershed Plan?
A Watershed Plan identifies strategies to improve water quality and reduce the impacts of flooding. The watershed plans for the Wood River and Piasa Creek watersheds will:
  • Document existing conditions.
  • Develop recommended strategies to improve water quality and address flooding, and act as a roadmap for communities, agencies, and landowners to implement future improvements.
  • Help reduce costs for homeowners, businesses, and taxpayers.
This watershed planning effort is an important component of Madison County's Stormwater Management Plan, and is part of a larger effort to create plans for all of Madison County's major watersheds. Multiple partners are involved in this effort, including Madison County, HeartLands Conservancy, and the Madison County Soil and Water Conservation District.

PLEASE COMPLETE THIS SURVEY BY AUGUST 31, 2019. Your time and input is greatly appreciated!

If you have questions about the survey or the watershed planning process, visit www.HeartLandsConservancy.org/WoodRiverPiasaCreek.php or contact Janet Buchanan at HeartLands Conservancy, (618) 566-4451 ext. 25 or janet.buchanan@heartlandsconservancy.org.

Later in the year, an Open House event will be held to gather more information for the Wood River and Piasa Creek Watershed Plans. Be sure to provide your email address if you would like to be notified when future Open House dates and locations are set.

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* 2. What type of property is at this address? It will be referred to for the rest of the survey as "this property."