Workshop Survey

* 1. Please sellect if a workshop or TI session

* 3. What was the date and time of the workshop?

Start Time

* 4. Where was the workshop located?

* 5. Who led the workshop you attended? (Select one)

* 6. If there was an assistant, who was it? (Select all that apply)

* 7. Please choose the most appropriate answer for the statements below.

  Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree This question does not apply to me.
The instructor presented the workshop in a way I could understand. (e.g., style, pace, delivery)
The materials used in this workshop were helpful.
The location of the workshop was appropriate, such as the room, projection system in the room, sound system, or other items.
Overall, this workshop helped me.
I would recommend this workshop to a friend.

* 8. Are there other workshops you would like to see offered?

* 9. Please add any other comments on this workshop or other IMS activities.

* 10. How did you learn of this workshop offering?