To show our appreciation for filling out this survey we will be holding random drawings for discounts on programs, providing that you leave your name, phone number and email address. 

* 1. Please check all indoor facility amenities that are important to your household.

  No Answer Not Interested Interested Very Interested
Indoor Gymnasium
Indoor Performing Arts Facility
Indoor Fitness
Indoor Gymnastics
Indoor Ice Arena
Indoor Lap Lanes
Indoor Running Walking Track
Indoor Turf Fields
Indoor Tennis Courts
Indoor Aquatic Facility
Nature Center

* 2. Please list the most important indoor recreational facility to your household.

* 3. Please check all of the outdoor recreational amenities that are important to your household.

  Not important Somewhat Important Important Very Important
Outdoor Baseball & Softball Fields
Natural Areas
Off Leash Dog Parks
Outdoor Basketball
Outdoor Ice Skating
Outdoor Swimming Pool
Splash Pad
Outdoor Tennis Courts
Park Shelters & Picnic Areas
Pickleball or Deck Tennis Courts
Skate Park
Walking & Biking Trails
Outdoor Soccer Fields
Outdoor Football Fields
Lacrosse Field

* 4. Please select all of the programs that a member of your household has a need for.

  Not Important Somewhat Important Important Very Important
Adult Art
Adult Dance
Continuing Education Classes (self help)
Adult Fitness & Wellness Programs
Spinning Class
Adult Sports
Adult Clubs (Fishing, Hunting, Sports, etc.)
Adult Programs for Seniors (AARP programs)
Before & After School Programs
Birthday Parties
Golf Lessons or Leagues
Nature Programs
Early Childhood Programs
Programs for People with Disabilities
Programs for Teens
Special Events for Adults Only
Community Events (Music, movies, holiday events, etc.)
Tennis Lessons
Outdoor Adventure Programs
Water Fitness Programs
Youth Dance
Youth Fitness & Wellness Programs
Learn to Swim Programs
Youth Sports Programs
Summer Day Camp Programs
Youth Sports Camps
Youth Education (computer, special interest)
Martial Arts
All Day Preschool
Half Day Preschool
Day Care

* 5. Have you or other members of your household participated in any recreation programs offered by the Westchester Park District during the past 12 months?

* 6. Please check all the ways you learn about Westchester Park District programs and activities.

* 7. From the following list, please check all of the organizations that you or members of your household have used for indoor and outdoor recreation and sports activities during the last 12 months.

* 8. Please check all of the reasons that prevent you or other members of your household from using parks, recreation and sports facilities or programs of the Westchester Park District.

* 9. Have you or any member of your household visited any parks or buildings of the Westchester Park District over the past 12 months?

* 10. Please select each of the following parks or facilities listed below that you or any member of your Household has used during the past 12 months.

* 11. The following are some of the benefits that you and your household may receive from the parks and use of programs offered by the Westchester Park District. Please indicate your level of agreement.

  Don't Know Disagree  Agree Strongly Agree
Parks & Recreation Help Reduce Crime.
The Park District improves the quality of life in the Westchester Commmunity.
Preserves Open Space
Increases Property Values
Provides Healthy Recreational Opportunities

* 12. The Westchester Park District represents less than four cents of every dollar of your total property tax bill. thinking about the services, facilities, and programs that the Westchester Park District provides, and the amount of your property taxes that go to the Park District, how would you rate the overall value of your property taxes that go to the Park District.

* 13. Please enter all the ages of the members of your household.

* 15. Thank you for taking our survey it will help define the direction of the park district. To show our appreciation for filling out the survey we will be doing random drawings for discounts or free programs at the park district. Please leave your name, email address, and phone number to be eligible for the drawing. After making some determinations regarding responses to this survey, there will be targeted followup surveys in the future.