WINTER PRIDE 2022 Patron's Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Winter Pride 2022. We are excited that you want to join us for one of the world's most fabulous winter pride events, right here in New Zealand! 
Winter Pride 2022 will be held from Friday 26th August until Sunday 4th of September in Queenstown and Central Otago.

All we need to do now is for you to read and agree to the terms and conditions below and confirm which level of Patron's Status you would like (explained later) to get access to the festival and individual events.

Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions we will send you a link to purchase your patron's status online.

Following your payment, you will be able to make your selection of events up to the number of included event tickets for your patron type. We will send you a unique link - and then you can start shopping.

ALL EVENTS ARE AVAILABLE at the time of sending you this survey, however you will need to check the updated BLUEPRINT on before proceeding with your purchase to check the updates on event availability. This may change daily. 

We suggest you complete your event selection form promptly as events do sell out and we can't hold tickets for people who have not chosen their events within 48 hours of receiving the event selection form.

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before agreeing to proceed. 

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* 1. Patron Levels

Patrons will be given priority access to events over the ten days of the festival, depending on the level of your patronage. 

There are four types of patron status:
Patron type Price (Limited First Release) Price (Limited Second Release) Includes can include meals or tours?
Maxi $690.00 $720.00 10 events Pride Dinner PLUS either
Gibbston Valley Long Lunch OR the Wine Tour 
Mini $380.00 $395.00 7 events NO
Flexi $240.00 $255.00 3 events  NO
Flexi Lite $150.00 $165.00 3 events (excluding Leather and Lace and Propaganda) NO

Additional events / meals / tours may be bought as add-ons (capacity allowing) closer to the festival.

Please see the "Blueprint" of intended events during the festival - this may change as we get closer to the festival and (if the COVID situation changes) Winter Pride reserves the right to alter, cancel and move events if requested or required to by authorities and / or government bodies, including local authorities or due to circumstances beyond our direct control.

Remember, any one event does not make up the festival. Patrons are enabling a broad range of events, many community-base and / or free, and we hope that you get to enjoy as many of these as is practical and possible come festival time.

A special note... Your Patron's access does NOT include any ski passes. You must buy these through the respective mountain companies and you can access special deals via the Winter Pride website. 

Release dates are:
First Release: 1 April until 10 April
Second Release:  11 April until 24 April 
Third Release : After 24 April until capacity is reached. 

All guests will need to make their event selection within 48 hours of receiving the event selection form to ensure access to the events that were available when they make their purchase. 

I understand the above and  would like to purchase a:

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* 2. First Name

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* 3. Last Name

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* 4. Preferred Name

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* 5. Email

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* 6. Mobile Phone Number (which you will be able to be contacted on before or at the festival)

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* 7. I confirm and agree to the following terms and conditions

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* 8. WP22 Official Refund Policy:
Patrons can self-manage refunds according to the following partial refund framework, without having to provide any reason for requesting the refund. 
Patron's can request a refund up to a maximum of:
  • 80% before 1 June 2022
  • 50%  before 1 July 2022
  • 30% before 1 August 2022
  • 10 % before Festival Start (26 August)
  • There are no refunds after Festival Start (26 August)

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* 9. "Revolving Door" and "Ticket Windows"

In the interests of keeping events as vibrant and as close to capacity as possible, for the enjoyment of all, all Winter Pride Events have a valid ticket window where tickets guarantee entry. There is a clear time on the ticket which indicates the time that your ticket validation will end and entry will no longer be guaranteed. 

After the ticket window closes, there is normally a revolving door policy which will give free access to patrons according to their patron's status.

I understand that:

  • I need to check my tickets for their ticket window times
  • Arriving outside of the ticket window time will invalidate my ticket
  • If I miss my ticket window, I will be prioritised (capacity allowing) for entry based on my patrons Status, with Maxis being prioritised above Minis and then Flexi patrons.
  • Events with a strict start time (such as shows or boat trips, tours, etc.) have very tight ticket window times and lateness may result in my not being able to attend.
  • Winter Pride reserves the right to re-sell tickets if they are not redeemed during the specified ticket window.

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* 10. COVID-safety and compliance

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* 11. Were you a patron in Winter Pride 2021? Then you may be able to get a loyalty discount

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* 12. If you were a patron in 2021, then....
If you would like a loyalty discount for being a 2021 patron, please supply us your email address used for your 2021 registration and payment. Please note that the discount can only be used to purchase a patrons status for the same person who had that status in 2021 - it is not-transferrable. 
Loyalty Discounts for 2021 patrons for any level of 2022 Patron's Status are 10% off any Patron Level. 
We will send you the link to purchase with the discount included.
EMAIL (from 2021):

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* 13. Are you purchasing for more than 1 person?
If you are purchasing for more than 1 person, please note:
  • to apply the loyalty discount you can only purchase for a single person (email us if this is really tricky for you and we can help you find a solution)
  • you will need to name the additional guests on the ticketing system when you make your purchase (remember - patron's status is non-transferable so each guest must be named at the time of purchase)
  • Once you have named your guests on your purchase, you will not be able to change the names - this is to prevent "scalping".