Please give us your feedback on your worship experience with us at Nimmo UMC

* 2. How welcomed did you feel upon arriving for worship?

* 3. When were you personally greeted upon arriving?

* 4. How easy was it to navigate our facility?

* 5. How would you rate your overall worship experience?

* 6. How approachable was the Lead Pastor and/or worship leader?

* 7. Was the sermon Biblically based and faithful to the text?

* 8. Did the music selected for congregational singing include a balance of familiar and new?

* 9. Was it evident that prayer was an important part of this worship service?

* 10. Did the worship space encourage my participation in worship?

* 11. Was the order of service easy to follow or confusing?

* 12. Was there a good balance of celebration and contemplation?

* 13. What are you looking for most in a church? Mark as many as you wish.

* 14. How did you find out about Nimmo UMC?

* 15. Which best describes you?

* 16. Is there anything you would like for us to know?

* 17. Can we pray for you for anything?

* 18. Can we be of any help to you or your family?

* 19. Based on your experience with us, do you plan on coming back?