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WEBINAR: 12/14/15 10 AM-12 PM Pacific Time

The Oregon Youth Authority started out with a few select RACHEL PI devices from World Possible. We quickly saw the potential for getting meaningful content on the living units for the young people to access. Conversations continued between Jeremy Schwartz from World Possible and OYA about another version of the Rachel server known as the RACHEL Plus.

This hardware comes bundled in an Intel Wireless Content Access Point (CAP). Inside the Intel CAP is a 500GB HDD, lithium-ion battery backup (up to 5 hours battery life), Intel Atom E3815 1.46GHz processor, 2GB DDR3 memory and a Linux Ubuntu 12.04 Server OS. The server software uses a dashboard to access the settings on the device and a GUI to upload content via wired, USB or wireless connection. Intel claims up to 50 simultaneous connections to the device. By looking at it on the wall, it appears to be a wireless access point (which it can serve as).

Inside the hard drive is the content bundled by World Possible which is the heart of the RACHEL Plus server. Jeremy Schwartz and his team of volunteer developers at World Possible have crafted a very unique file structure to add or remove content that is in a modular configuration. World Possible has a repository with around 37 modules, some in up to 5 different languages.

Brian Walsh of the Consortium for Open Resources in Special Circumstances is moderating a webinar to discuss the RACHEL Plus server, talk to the developers from World Possible and also talk with the Oregon Youth Authority about their journey from the Rachel PI to the RACHEL Plus CAP. The webinar will be recorded and available after the event.

By registering here you will receive a link to the webinar room on December 11.

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