Residential Retreat Work Retreatant Criteria

We need a separate application for each retreat you would like to apply for a Work Retreatant.

A. The retreat must be open for registration before you can apply as the Work Retreatant. Check calendar to be certain.

B. We ask that all Work Retreatants meet the following criteria:

• Candidates should have attended a retreat of at least five days or more at Spirit Rock.
• Candidates should be fully able-bodied people of average physical stamina (must be able to lift up to 50 lbs).
• Candidates must stay for the duration of their work assignment as outlined here: Work Retreatants arrive at 12:30 pm on opening day for lunch, training, and to assist as needed. During the retreat, a Work Retreatant normally works up to 5 non-consecutive hours per day including closing day (no later than 12:30 pm on closing day).

C. Applicants must be available to work a full shift on the closing day; until approximately 12:30 pm.

Work Retreatants may miss some periods of walking meditation. It is possible, but unlikely, that a Work Retreatant could miss a sitting period or a period of movement practice (yoga, qigong, etc.). Work Retreatants will be able to attend all Dharma talks.

* 1. I have read and understand the above criteria.

* 2. Please give us your full name and contact information

* 3. What is the best way for us to reach you?

* 4. Please indicate your preferred Work Retreatant position:

* 5. If your first choice is unavailable, are you willing to accept the other Work Retreatant position?

* 6. If the Work Retreatant position is already filled, are you willing to be on a waiting list? If yes, what date are you willing to wait until?

* 7. Please tell us the name and dates of the retreat currently open for registration that you are interested in working as a Work Retreatant (list only one retreat per application).

* 8. IMPORTANT: If you want to attend a retreat regardless of your being selected as the Work Retreatant or not, we advise that you go to our website and apply for the specific retreat as a regular applicant, as most of our retreats fill quickly and the retreat may be full by the time a Work Retreatant is chosen. If you are later chosen as the Work Retreatant, your payment will be refunded in full.

I have read and understand the above information

* 9. Candidates must have attended a Spirit Rock retreat of at least five consecutive days or more - NO EXCEPTIONS PLEASE.

Please list up to five of the most recent retreats you have attended AT SPIRIT ROCK. Include the date, duration of the retreat, and the
name of the lead teacher.

* 10. Have you ever been a Work Retreatant at Spirit Rock Meditation Center?

* 11. If you answered 'yes' to question #10, list the most recent retreat(s) you were a Work Retreatant. Type N/A if not applicable.

* 12. As part of your work, you may be asked to wash pots and pans, mop floors, climb or descend stairs while carrying items, vacuum, or lift up to 50 pounds of weight. Do you have the stamina and ability to perform these and comparable tasks?

* 13. Please indicate any condition that might impact your ability to serve as our Work Retreatant - this position may require up to five hours per day; not consecutive hours.

* 14. Please provide an explanation of your interest in applying for a Work Retreatant position (example: financial need, deepening practice, service) that would be useful in reviewing your application for one of these positions.

* 15. If you are selected for this position and admitted to this retreat, we are now depending upon you to fulfill this vital role to the retreat Sangha.

If anything should come up that may interfere with your following through with your commitment to serve this retreat, we need to know immediately. If you have any reason to anticipate that this may occur, we request that you not apply at this time.