Welcome to the Workplace Equity Project (WE) survey, which is designed to capture data about workplace experiences, practices, and opportunities in the scholarly publishing industry. The survey runs from 31 January — 23 March 2018. 
Please complete all sections and click OK and NEXT wherever they appear to enable your data to be collected.  Questions marked with an asterisk are required to proceed to the next question.

The survey is open to everyone who works across professional and scholarly publishing The more people who finish the survey, the more accurate a reading WE will capture on the workplace experience in scholarly publishing.

Participation in the survey is entirely optional and you will not be disadvantaged in any way if you choose not to participate. You can exit the survey at any time.

WE is responsible for the collation and analysis of survey responses, and production of reports and infographics. You, or your responses, will not be identifiable from any reports or infographics based upon data collected in this survey.  The aggregated data will be made freely available; all personally identifying information (e.g. IP address, email) will first be removed and not shared with any party.

Questions about the survey or the Workplace Equity Project (WE should be directed to survey@workplaceequityproject.org.